7 easy tips for you to improve seo for your YouTube videos

Want to improve the placement of videos on your YouTube channel? So, connect with these tips:

1. Never forget to optimize the title, description and tags of your video with the correct keywords. These three points should accurately describe the content of the video and complement each other. A few days after uploading, use Analytics to verify that you have chosen your keywords correctly. To do this, review the “Traffic sources”> “YouTube search” report and find out what words are coming to your video.

2. Ignore the cover images automatically suggested by You Tube when you upload a video. Always use a custom image that describes your video well and complements the title.

3. Add captions to your videos, in addition to helping viewers with hearing problems, will also help you with your SEO. Google gives priority to this content for two reasons: 1 because it’s full of keywords that will help your search engine understand what your video is; 2nd because it helps improve the user experience. Attention! YouTube’s auto-captioning option will not help you with your SEO because your browser does not index automatic captions.

4. Creating multilingual video captions is also a good choice as it will broaden the reach of your video. More viewers mean more views, more viewing time, and therefore higher search reach.

5. For certain types of videos (music, musical parodies, documentaries, etc.), putting the transcript of the video in the description will help the movers know what your video is. But the description has a limit of words. If your video is long, you will have to make a good summary and then add a link to the full text.

6. Upload videos in HD. YouTube values ​​the image quality of videos and gives them preference in search results. But if your video is not in HD, do not put “HD” in the title. You will not fool the viewer or the search engine.

7. Put strategic links in the descriptions of your videos to generate link building. This will help researchers understand not only what our video is, but also what other network content is related to video. Put the link to your social networks, the posting or page that your video refers to, the social networks of the person invited in your video, etc.

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